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Housing – Building and Technical Standards

Provided by: Government of Saskatchewan - Ministry of Social Services

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Saskatchewan has adopted the 2020 editions of the National Building Code, the National Energy Code for Buildings, and the National Plumbing Code. Saskatchewan’s adoption of these codes under The Construction Codes Act and Regulations came into force Jan 1, 2024. Copies of the Regulations are available for download online. Includes: 

  • Building Bylaws
    • Construction Codes Act delegates the administration of minimum construction standards to local authorities. The Ministry of Government Relations provides advice and reviews of building bylaws.
  • Building Official Licensing
    • Learn about the three primary classes for a Building Official Licence.
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Smoke Alarms
    • Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms must be installed in all residential buildings in Saskatchewan.
  • Construction Legislation and Regulations
    • Learn about The Construction Codes Act that provides the legislative framework for application of building, accessibility and energy standards for new construction, renovation and the fire safe operation of buildings.
  • Construction Standards
    • Learn about the Codes and Standards that apply to construction, renovation, and the fire safe operation buildings in Saskatchewan.
  • Electrical Licensing
    • Contact TSASK for a licence that applies to you as an electrician, electrical contractor, or employer.
  • Gas Licensing
    • Contact TSASK for a licence that applies to you as a gas-fitter, contractor, or propane distributor.
  • National Building, Fire, Plumbing, and Energy Code Information
    • Saskatchewan adopts the National Building Code, National Fire Code, National Plumbing Code, and National Energy Code for Buildings as the minimum standards for the construction, renovation, and fire safe operation of buildings throughout the province.
  • Provincial Heritage Property Alteration Application
    • Learn how to apply to alter a Provincial Heritage Property.
  • Saskatchewan Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Board
    • The Boiler and Pressure Safety Board in Saskatchewan can hear appeals from any person subject to a decision of the chief inspector in accordance with Part IX of The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act, 1999.
  • Saskatchewan Construction Standards Appeal Board
    • The Saskatchewan Construction Standards Appeal Board hears appeals from building owners for orders issued by building officials for compliance with construction standards, exemption from accessibility standards, and pre-rulings on interpretations of construction codes.
  • Building and Technical Standards Courses
    • Attend a Building and Technical Standards workshop or course to learn about national code adoption and current legislation.
  • The Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK)
    • A not-for-profit authority that oversees the safe construction, installation and operation of boilers, pressure vessels, elevating devices and amusement rides, as well as gas, electrical and plumbing licensing, permitting and inspection services, as a local authority on behalf of government.

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