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Court Services: Enforcing Court Orders

Provided by: Government of Saskatchewan - Justice

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Once a decision is made following a trial or hearing, a judgment must sometimes be enforced. (A judgment declares who wins the case and orders exactly what is owed to whom). Visit website for information on the steps required to enforce these orders and related information from other authorities.

If enforcement is necessary, there are legal processes in place that enable a Sheriff to collect money owed under a judgment. The courts also have other procedures that can be employed to enforce other court orders that do not involve money. In each case, these processes do not happen automatically and it is up to the person seeking enforcement to apply to begin the process.

NOTE: Enforcing a judgment is not free. Even if you do not use a lawyer, you will have to initially pay Sheriff’s fees. 

Application Process

If the party against whom an order has been made (the Judgment Debtor) does not voluntarily pay, it is up to the person seeking to get paid (the Judgment Creditor) to enforce the judgment and collect the money.

The first step to enforcing a judgment is to issue it in the Court of King's Bench. Visit website for further details on enforcing child and spousal support orders and enforcing money judgments.


Even if you do not use a lawyer, you will have to pay Sheriff’s fees. Although some of the fees are added to the amount the defendant owes you, you have to pay those fees initially.

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Walter Scott Building


3085 Albert Street
Regina SK  S4S 0B1

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The Family Law Information Centre and Regina Dispute Resolution Office are located in Room 323 of the Walter Scott Building.

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Phone 1: 306-787-5837

Family Law Information Centre

Phone 2: 306-787-5747

Dispute Resolution Office - Regina Office

Phone 3: 306-933-7864

Dispute Resolution Office - Saskatoon Office

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Maintenance Enforcement Office

Fax: 306-787-8204

Business Line: 306-787-5474


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