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Saskatoon Fire Department and Public Health Services jointly run a needle pick-up program.
If you find a needle, follow the steps below for safe pick-up and disposal:

  • Do not recap the needle.
  • Wear garden, work or medical gloves.
  • Use tweezers, pliers or tongs to pick up by the end that is not the sharp end. Keep away from your body.
  • Place the needle, sharp end first, into a hard container that needles cannot poke through (e.g. liquid laundry detergent or bleach container).
  • Fill a container no more than 3/4 full. If the container is too full, the needles may poke through the side.
  • Put the container lid on tightly and tape it.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Store the container in a safe place away from children until you can dispose of it safely. 
  • Do not place needles in city garbage or recycling.
  • Place in a needle drop box in your community. Call 306-655-4444 for needle drop box locations.
  • Call 306-655-4664 if you do not have these clean-up items.
  • If you are not comfortable handling or disposing of the needle yourself, call:
    • Saskatoon Fire Department 306-975-3030
    • Public Health Services Saskatoon 306-655-4444

Saskatoon Fire Department: 306-975-3030

Public Health Services Saskatoon: 306-655-4444

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Saskatoon Fire Station #1


125 Idylwyld Drive South
Saskatoon SK  S7M 1L4

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Hotline: 9-1-1


Business Line: 306-975-2520



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