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Victims: Compensation for Victims of Crime

Provided by: Government of Saskatchewan - Justice

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Victims of crime are able to apply for reasonable expenses resulting from criminal acts of personal violence, such as physical and/or sexual assault, murder, robbery and kidnapping. Visit the website for details. For expenses related to property crimes, individuals may apply for Restitution for Victims of Crime.

Individuals can be compensated for reasonable expenses including:

  • Certain medical costs (such as ambulance and prescriptions not covered by another plan and dental, chiropractic and eyeglass costs)
  • Counselling, including traditional Aboriginal healing methods, while you are involved in the criminal justice system
  • Funeral expenses to a maximum of $5,000 where not covered by other programs
  • Loss of income where it is not covered by Employment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation or an insurance plan
  • Damage to or loss of clothing as a result of the crime.


Individuals may be eligible for compensation if: - the crime occurred in Saskatchewan; - the crime is reported to the police; - the harm is the result of a Criminal Code offence listed in The Victims of Crime Regulations, 1997 including personal violence such as robbery, sex crimes, assault causing bodily harm, manslaughter, murder, attempted murder and kidnapping; and - application for compensation is made within two years from the date of injury, or in the case of sexual assault, within two years from the date the offence was reported to police.

Application Process

Individuals do not need a lawyer to apply. Applications will be accepted up to two years after the crime has been committed. In cases of sexual assault, individuals may apply up to two years after the date the offence was reported to the police.

A victim of a criminal act of personal violence must first report the crime to the police. The next step is to fill out a Victims Compensation Program application form (available online or from Victim Services Units and Agencies, which must be submitted to the Victim Services Branch.

Prosecutions District: North Battleford


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