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The Brave App

Provided by: Brave Technology Coop

Service Description

The Brave App is a smartphone app that connects a Caller who is consuming drugs alone to a trained Supporter who stays on the line with them, as there is potential for an overdose to happen. Anyone can download the app. Callers remain anonymous and a Caller’s location is only revealed if it’s necessary to keep them safe.

Available for Apple and Adroid devices. Visit the website for more information.


Individuals who use drugs.

Application Process

1. Download the app and set up a Rescue Plan detailing how, when and who will be sent for help in the event of an overdose.
2. The Caller anonymously and privately uses the app to virtually connect with a Supporter when they're about to use drugs alone.
3. The Support on the other end of the app chats with the Caller until they are safe.
4. If the Caller becomes unresponsive, the Support initiates the Rescue Plan according to the instructions the user provided.



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The Brave App – No Physical Address

Mailing Address

877 East Hastings Street
Suite 308
Vancouver BC  V6A 3Y1

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