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Service Description

Four week online childbirth series (via zoom) designed to provide a solid baseline of education for expectant parents while focusing on many practical and hands-on skills you can benefit from when your labour day arrives. Helps expectant mothers become educated and open-minded so they are better prepared for the day your labour begins. Some of the details of what you can expect in each class include:

Class #1 Intro & Overview

  • Fear: Where does it come from
  • Impact of birth in the media
  • What does normal birth look like
  • Informed choice (BRAIN)
  • Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative
  • Birth plans – pros/cons
  • Perinatal Mental Health/Risk Factors/Signs & Symptoms
  • Reducing trauma in childbirth

Class #2 Fundamentals of Childbirth

  • The 4 P’s of labour
  • Birth Hormones
  • Anatomy (Uterus/Pelvis)
  • Stages of Labour
  • Intervention/Procedures
  • Due Dates/Induction

Class #3 Pain Relief & Comfort Measures

  • Understanding Pain?
  • Fear/Tension/Pain Cycle
  • Gate Control Theory
  • Non-Medical Pain Relief Options
  • The Essence of Coping: Three R’s of Labour
  • Medical Pain Relief Option
  • Labour Positions
  • Odd Labour Patterns/Back Labour

Class #4 Preparing for the Postpartum

  • The reality of fourth trimester/Baby’s expectations
  • Developing reasonable expectations
  • Healing and what to expect
  • The importance of touch/skin on skin/Other bonding activities
  • Perinatal Mental Health/Treatment and Prevention

Application Process

Registration available online.



Business Line: 306-520-8431

Hours of Operation

Dates for sessions provided upon registration.

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Regina Perinatal Health Network


Regina SK

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Business Line: 306-520-8431


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