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Service Description

Homes that provide care for individuals when their needs can no longer be met in the community.

  • Run by the Saskatchewan Health Authority or operated by a provider that has a contract with the health authority.
  • A variety of care options are available and determined in the assessment process, including:
    • Planned respite care
      • For people who normally live at home but are dependent on family for support
      • Provides temporary relief to families or other primary care providers
      • Bookings must be made in advance of requested dates and will depend on available beds
      • Includes a standard fee plus costs of medications and some personal supplies
    • Emergency respite care
      • Provides short-term care where there is a sudden and unexpected change to a person’s support system and the person requires 24-hour supervision.
      • Includes a standard fee plus cost of transportation to and from a facility, and all costs for medications and some personal supplies
    • Adult day programs
      • Maintains and increases your ability to perform activities of daily living
      • Prevents premature admission to a special care home
      • Provides relief to the individual’s family and caregivers
      • Includes a standard fee
    • Convalescence
      • A period of additional recovery time following surgery or serious illness, usually following a stay in hospital
      • Provides you the opportunity to recover your health and independence so you can safely return to your community setting.
    • Palliative care
      • Provides active, compassionate care to people in the final stages of a serious, incurable disease, when a cure or prolongation of life is no longer the objective
      • Emphasizes quality of life, maintenance of human dignity, comfort and concern for residents and their support network.


Individuals with needs that can no longer be met in the community.

Application Process

Contact to be assigned an Assessor Coordinator/Client Care Coordinator who will review, determine the type of care you require, and approve admission to a special care home. Assessments ensure that available beds go to individuals with the highest need and living at the greatest risk.

If a bed is not immediately available, you will be placed on a wait list. While waiting, you will be offered support, such as home care.

Your care needs will also be reviewed regularly while waiting, so it is important to let your Assessor Coordinator/Client Care Coordinator know of any significant changes to your health that could affect your admission to a special care home.

You will be contacted by the Saskatchewan Health Authority as soon as accommodation is available.


Residents of special care homes pay a fee (a resident charge) based on their personal income. This charge is based on your annual reported income from Line 15000 of your Income Tax Return.

A resident pays the standard resident charge ($1,349 at April 1, 2024) plus 57.5% of the portion of their income between $1,828 and $5,321.
For married residents (including common-law couples), the couple's income is combined, divided equally, and then the above formula is applied.

The Ministry of Health continues to subsidize approximately 80% of the overall provincewide cost of long-term care.

For further information, visit the website or contact the Income Assessment Operations Unit (1-800-667-4884 toll-free).

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