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Child Care

Provided by: Macklin Daycare

Service Description

A licensed child care facility that provides care and supervision for up to 31 children between the ages of six months and 12 years. Child Care Subsidy accepted. 

Parent volunteer requirement of four hours with a corresponding pay out option of $150, or eight hours with a corresponding pay out option of $300, depending on the amount of hours child attends the centre.  

May be able to accommodate children with delays and differing needs. Please contact for further information.  


  • Believe the early years are a time when children learn how to respect themselves and others.
  • Believe children learn via different guidance techniques.
  • To use every opportunity to speak to the children in a calm and respectful tone.
  • Believe that while physical, cognitive, social, and emotional needs can be independent; it is only through the development of all four, that children maximize their potential. 
  • Recognize that every child is different, and work to cater to each child’s current level of knowledge, life/social skills, interests, attitudes, and abilities.
  • Believe every child is an active learner and draws knowledge from past experiences and educators, physical needs, culture, family, community, exploration, and curiosity.
  • Believe these aspects and all the people involved in the child’s life, are partners in a child’s growing education.      
  • Believe the best care can be offered to children when there is cooperation with one another –  when parents become and remain involved in the daycare’s activities, meaningful links are established between home and daycare – these links enhance the individual development of each child.
  • Believe that the philosophy is best actualized through the following means:
    • A homelike atmosphere – Parents and staff work together in developing a high quality environment that promotes independence, curiosity, and fun, but also has a place for relaxation – want children to feel calm and secure.
    • A positive atmosphere – Fosters an open and honest relationship among parents, children, and staff – provide a positive atmosphere that is challenging and fun, with an awareness of all areas of child development.
  • Objective is for each child to develop to their fullest potential, realizing they must learn tolerance, open-mindedness, appreciation, and respect for all others, without discrimination. 

Programs and Activities

  • Program encourages voluntary participation through both learning and play activities – centre is play-based, but programs and activities take into account all aspects of the children’s development.  
  • Program will be fun, yet aimed to develop the children’s co-ordination, physical fitness, sense of co-operation, and good sportsmanship in physical activities.
  • Believe that toys and games of violence do not lead to a positive atmosphere that encourages development of respect and caring for others – strongly guard against both toys and games of a violent nature entering the centre.
  • Children are given opportunities to express their individuality and creativity, especially during dramatic play time (role play) and arts and crafts.
  • Encourages activities that promote independent problem solving in the area of life skills. (e.g.:  dressing themselves)
  • Staff take into consideration that each child is different and must be treated accordingly – program is flexible to allow for a child’s individuality and needs regarding participation – designated areas allow for individual space and a minimal amount of disturbance.
  • Activity Time for the four year olds incorporates readiness activities into the crafts, literature, drama, music, science, sensory experiences, fine motor activities, and communication/sharing times – children are exposed to various developmental skills including: visual and auditory discrimination, numerals, letters, colors, shapes, and name printing.        


  • To supplement the child’s physical development, staff encourage awareness of nutrition and personal hygiene through instruction and example. 
  • Committed to providing children with nutritious meals in a positive atmosphere in which a variety of social and self-help skills can be learned. 
  • Children are encouraged, never forced, to try all foods on their plates – children are never forced to finish their food, nor is food used as a reward or punishment. 
  • Provide a nutritional morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack daily.
  • Follows a four week rotating menu – posted weekly for parents and guardians.
  • Daycare menu provides a well-balanced, nutritious diet. (following the Canada Food Guide)
  • High sugar and salty foods are avoided as much as possible – a nut aware environment – candy, chocolate, or gum are not allowed in the center – no juice of any kind is allowed without a doctor’s note. 
  • Staff model good nutritional habits and pleasant table manners.
  • Guidelines used in setting the atmosphere for these time periods include:
    • Children ask for their portion size and are expected to try to eat what they have requested (exception: toddlers) as a means of learning responsible eating.
    • Children wait for their additional servings till everyone has finished their firsts, as a way of learning respect for others.
    • Children are encouraged and taught to use their utensils. 
    • Children are encouraged to serve themselves their portions eventually. (Promotes self esteem, independence)  
    • Moderate conversational tones and polite conversation is emphasized during meals.    
    • Children not wanting to eat are requested to remain with the group for the duration of the meal. 
  • Children are served at least one spoonful of each food prepared – exceptions are made for food allergies or special diet restrictions, as stated by a physician. 
  • When children cannot eat the food being prepared due to special diets, parents are responsible for providing alternate foods – staff is permitted to reheat premade food sent for child but will not cook specific meals if individual ingredients sent – parents must provide entire premade meals ready to be reheated.
  • Parents are required to bring infant food/formula for their baby – required to supply food for six months to 17 months if child is not able to eat finger foods yet – parents should notify the daycare when their child is ready to eat from the menu provided.
  • Does not provide breakfast for the children – children are welcome to bring their healthy breakfast from home and eat it at the centre – morning snack is served from 9:30 am -10:00 am – parents are requested to avoid bringing their child’s breakfast after 9:30.
  • Many parents like to bring birthday cakes on their child’s birthday – parent discretion is advised for those who bring something – this is not an obligation. 


Children between the ages of 6 months - 12 years.
May be able to accommodate children with delays and differing needs. Please contact for further information.

Application Process

Call, email, or contact via Facebook for more information.


Full-time: Infants (6 months - 18 months) $700 per month, Toddlers (18 months - 29 months) $650 per month, Preschool $600 per month, School-Age $565 per month.
Part-time: No Infant Part-time, Toddlers $480 per month, Preschool $400 per month, School-Age $380 per month.
Drop-in: Infants $5 per hour, Toddlers $4.75 per hour, Preschool $4.50 per hour, School Age $4.25 per hour.

Child Care Subsidy accepted.

Business Line: 306-753-2323



Coverage Area


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Macklin Daycare


4703 Empire Street
Macklin SK  S0L 2C0

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Mailing Address

Box 1027
Macklin SK  S0L 2C0

Location Info

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 6:30 pm.


Located on main floor. Wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible washroom available.

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