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Child Care

Provided by: Home Child Care - Tina Karsten

Service Description

A licensed child care home that provides care and supervision for up to eight children between the ages of six weeks and 12 years. Operated in the provider’s private residence. Child Care Subsidy accepted. 

May be able to accommodate children with delays and differing needs. Please contact for further information.

Philosophy/Programs and Activities

  • Feels that kids are institutionalized at such an early age and for so long – really likes to allow kids to play whatever motivated them to play at the time. 
  • Activities include free play and child led play, games of their choosing with suggestions from the child care provider. 
  • Spend time outside – often a lot when weather is good. 
  • Walking and playing at parks in naturalized areas located in the child care home area. 
  • Spend time with books every day and usually crafting, colouring, etc. at the table as well.  


  • Feels nutrition is hugely important. 
  • Have assorted fresh vegetables every day. 
  • Snacks and meals include fruits and vegetables along with a variety of proteins and grains. 
  • Tries to keep in mind individual child preferences – ex. some kids do not like food groups touching or some kids prefer one pot meals. 


Children between the ages of 6 weeks - 12 years.
May be able to accommodate children with delays and differing needs. Please contact for further information.

Application Process

Call for more information.


Offers full-time, part-time, casual spaces only.
Full-time: Infants $800 per month, Toddlers $650 per month, Preschool $575 per month, School-Age (School Year) $400 per month, School-Age (Summer) $500 per month.
Contact for further details.
Child Care Subsidy accepted.

Business Line: 306-384-3432

Coverage Area


Languages Offered


Home Child Care – Tina Karsten


1234 Avenue L South
Saskatoon SK  S7M 2J9

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Located in Holiday Park.

Location Info

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 5:30 pm.


Not wheelchair accessible.

Business Line: 306-384-3432

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