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Child Care

Provided by: Home Child Care - Kaylee Stevenson

Service Description

A licensed child care home that provides care and supervision for up to eight children between the ages of six months and 13 years. Operated in the provider’s private residence. Child Care Subsidy accepted. 

Able to accommodate children with delays and differing needs. Please contact for further information. 


  • Believes that both children and adults are equals and will always talk to children as such, using a calm tone of voice.  
  • Believes in getting down to their level when interacting with them.  
  • Will provide children the opportunities to create, learn, explore, and play in their environment.  
  • Understands that each child is an individual and will value each child for their interests, personality, strengths, abilities and skills, and will aid them in the continuation of their development.  
  • In times when children are having difficulty navigating a situation, will provide support and help guide them through by asking questions to help them come to the conclusion on their own. 
  • Believes playing is the best source of learning and days will be filled with lots of it!

Programs and Activities

  • Basement area in the home used for play, story times, napping, and both teacher led and child led (free choice) activities.  
  • Upstairs area in the home used mainly for eating breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack, which will be provided each day.  
  • Backyard area has different activities and toys for children to play with as well as plenty of shade to escape the sun.
  • Schedule includes: breakfast, outside play (weather pending), teacher led activity, lunch, nap (for those children who require a nap), quiet time and activities until all children are awake from naps, afternoon snack, free choice play time.


  • Menu will be posted at the back door for easy access and viewing.  
  • There is a four-week rotation to ensure a variety of meals provided.  
  • Home cooked, healthy meals, and snacks will be offered each day.
  • Philosophy in meal times is that a child will never be forced to eat what is in front of them – if they do not like everything that is offered at one meal time, they only need to eat what they do like – if they are not hungry at that time, food will never be withheld and they can ask for food when they are hungry or wait for snack time.
  • Family style eating, sitting at the table, and having conversations, will take place at each meal time.  
  • Believes it is important to have this time as a group, after busy play times, to sit and talk with each other.  
  • There will be no eating in front of a television at any time.
  • If something is required that is not offered, it will be the parents/guardians responsibility to provide that requirement.


Children between the ages of 6 months - 13 years.
Able to accommodate children with delays and differing needs. Please contact for further information.

Application Process

Email for more information.


Offers full-time spaces only.
Please contact for details.

Child Care Subsidy accepted.

Business Line: 306-717-6797



Coverage Area


Languages Offered


Home Child Care – Kaylee Stevenson


3516 King Street
Regina SK  S4S 1G7

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Located in Lakeview South.

Location Info

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm.


Not wheelchair accessible.

Business Line: 306-717-6797


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