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Child Care

Provided by: Group Family Child Care Home - Ambreen Sajid

Service Description

A licensed child care home that provides care and supervision for up to 12 children between the ages of six weeks and 12 years. Operated in the provider’s private residence. Child care provider is fluent in English, Urdu, and Punjabi languages. 

Parents/guardians are welcome to volunteer. 


  • Safety and Relationships – believe in creating a safe environment and fostering healthy relationships with children, foundational for their nurturing and growth.
  • Social Skills and Learning – believe it is crucial for children to develop positive social skills, problem-solving abilities, responsibility, independence, and good manners during their time with the child care provider.
  • Tailored Programming – Program is designed to support these goals by cultivating a positive atmosphere and offering diverse activities tailored to each child’s unique needs, enabling them to learn and thrive. 

Programs and Activities

  • Program maintains a consistent routine to provide a sense of stability and familiarity for every child – routine may occasionally vary to accommodate special planned activities and children are made aware of the day’s schedule.
  • Activities are structured to include morning exercises, free play sessions, creative arts and crafts, nap time for rejuvenation, engaging circle time for storytelling and reading, and outdoor playtime for exploration and physical activity – this balanced schedule offers children a variety of experiences while promoting overall development and well-being. 


  • Focus is on providing healthy and nourishing food, considering any special diets, restrictions, or allergies. 
  • Top priority is to ensure every child is fed at the right times and in accordance with their dietary needs – recognize the importance of nutrition at every stage of development.
  • Meals and snacks provided are well-balanced, incorporating a variety of food groups such as fruits, vegetables, and protein. 
  • Children are seated at clean tables and encouraged to finish their meals before transitioning to the next activity. 
  • Maintains a calm atmosphere during meal times to minimize distractions and allow children to focus on eating and enjoying their food – this approach supports healthy eating habits and fosters a positive relationship with food. 


Children between the ages of 6 weeks - 12 years.

Application Process

Contact for more information.


Full-time: $217.50 per month. Drop-in: $10 per day.

Business Line: 639-999-0249

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.


Coverage Area

Saskatoon, SK

Languages Offered

Punjabi, Urdu, English

Group Family Child Care Home – Ambreen Sajid


819 Beechdale Crescent
Saskatoon SK  S7V 0A6

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Location Info

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
Closed on weekends. Closed on statutory holidays.

Business Line: 639-999-0249


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