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Child Care

Provided by: Dream Big Child Care

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Service Description

A licensed child care facility that provides care and supervision for up to 45 children between the ages of six weeks and 12 years of age. Child Care Subsidy accepted. 

Parents/guardians are required to attend two work bees each year and are strongly encouraged to participate in fundraising. 

May be able to accommodate children with delays and differing needs. Please contact for further information.


  • Dedicated to providing quality, sustainable, affordable childcare services to those in the Rocanville area.
  • Goal is to provide a home-like learning environment that is comfortable, safe, and engaging for all the children.
  • Believe in family-style meals and encourage parents and community members to be involved and feel welcome in their facility.

Programs and Activities

  • Children will be encouraged to develop independence and creativity in a balance of child driven and adult suggested activities with emergent curriculum in a safe and positive environment.
  • Strongly encourage interaction between the age groupings and stress the importance of outdoor activity for more than just gross motor skill development.
  • All toddlers and young preschoolers will have an afternoon rest time after lunch – older preschoolers may have an afternoon nap if requested by the parent – infants will follow their own individual sleep schedules.
  • Outdoor activity is an integral part of the centre’s programming – each day as a minimum of 20 minutes outdoor playtime is mandatory. (Winter: -25°C or colder – children remain indoors, Summer: 30°C or warmer – limit time spent outdoors and try to avoid direct sun)


  • Provides nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day – meals are planned and prepared to meet the nutritional needs of the children, as per Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Provides breakfast, morning/afternoon snack, and lunch. 
  • Staff are expected to sit with their groups in a family style setting to help serve the food and teach the children table manners and applaud willingness to try new foods
  • Centre will maintain a peanut/tree nut free environment.
  • Menus are posted at the front door. 
  • If a child has allergies, the centre will try to provide an alternate meal that is safe for that child – if this is not possible or the parent is not comfortable with this, the parent will be asked to provide meal substitutions.
  • Parents/guardians are asked not to send food in for their children unless there are extenuating circumstances. (birthday treats, etc)
  • Centre will provide 3% milk for infants when they reach an appropriate age for it.
  • Formula, breast milk, purees, or any milk other than 3% will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to supply.
  • Table feeding for older infants will follow the general centre meal schedule, but bottles and solid foods for younger infants will be given according to the schedule decided upon by staff and individual parents in consultation.
  • Staff at the centre will introduce a variety of foods and textures – the parent/guardian will always be consulted on the food preparation and feeding procedures of their child and will complete a food introduction chart when the child starts at the centre.
  • Infant staff will work closely with the parent/guardian when introducing new foods, and will keep a log for each infant.


Children between the ages of 6 weeks - 12 years.
May be able to accommodate children with delays and differing needs. Please contact for further information.

Application Process

Call or email for more information.


Full-time: Infants $200 per month, Toddlers $200 per month, Preschool (31months - 72 months) $200 per month, Preschool not in Kinder over 73 months and older $540 per month, Kindergarten over 73 months $400 per month, School-Age (Summer) $515 per month.
Part-time: Infants $120 per month, Toddlers $122.16 per month, Preschool (31months - 72 months) $125.71 per month, Preschool not in Kinder over 73 months and older $240 per month, Preschool/Kindergarten $200 per month, School-Age (Summer) $315 per month.
Daily: Infants $16.21 per day, Toddlers $15.46 per day, Preschool/Kindergarten $13.28 per day, School-Age (School Day) $5 per hour, (Non-School Day) $28 per day plus $5 per hour above 9 hours. (Please contact for availability).
Child Care Subsidy accepted.

Business Line: 306-645-5455

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Dream Big Child Care


1201 Francis Avenue
Rocanville SK  S0A 3L0

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Mailing Address

Box 38
Rocanville SK  S0A 3L0

Location Info

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 6:00 am - 6:00 pm. Closed statutory holidays.


Located on ground level. Wheelchair accessible. Wheelchair accessible washroom available.

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