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Child Care

Provided by: Centre Educatif Du Parc

Service Description

A Francophone licensed child care facility that provides care and supervision for up to 38 children between the ages of six weeks and five years. Child Care Subsidy accepted. 

Parents/guardians have the opportunity to volunteer.  


  • To ensure an environment allowing the learning of basic humanist values such as respect, sharing, appreciation, empathy, responsibility, diversity, etc.
  • To promote the learning of the necessary skills required by the curriculum through play and experimentation.
  • Learning will be positively influenced by the appreciative educator-child relationship and the activities determined by the interest of the children.
  • To stimulate children’s creativity, autonomy, confidence and initiative through listening and flexibility from educators as well as through activities.
  • To promote learning opportunities through play by solving problems, taking initiatives on their own, doing tasks – allows the child to then be receptive to learning and to fend for themselves which will help develop autonomy of the child.
  • To promote social play opportunities, be in contact with other children and adults, wait for their turn, respect the rules allowing the child to further develop their ability to adopt and acquire positive behaviors.
  • Favoring opportunities to stimulate the big and small muscles of toddlers by running, climbing, jumping and throwing are other useful skills for them because they allow the child to have a good coordination of their gestures.
  • Believe a toddler who manipulates small fine objects is better prepared for school activities. (ex. small blocks, beads, and tools such as brushes and scissors)
  • Encourage a parent-educator partnership to maximize the development of children’s full potential.
  • Parents are encouraged to assist or assist in the preparation of special events or other social activities, help in fundraising/fundraising activities and assist in supervising during educational outings.

Programs and Activities

  • It is by playing that the child lives a new experience and learns to better develop in all five holistic areas – when the child finds pleasure in the activity, this makes the child more receptive in learning – therefore the centre offers attractive activities that are diverse and based on the interest of the child.
  • Giving the child a few times to make choices in the activities proposed and according to their fields of interest allows the success of learning.
  • Schedule is flexible and allows toddlers to have moments of free play or they can explore the different corners.
  • The proposed activities can be changed according to the need and interest of the toddlers – adaptations are made to meet the needs of each child because staff understand that each child is different and unique in their development and learning.
  • Different activities include:
    • Reading Centre: facilitates the development of language and allows the child to discover the magic of books, imagination, and understanding.
    • Drama Centre: the child develops social skills such as sharing, compassion, cooperation, and organization.
    • Centre of Construction and Block Games: the child learns mathematical concepts such as forms, classification, numbering – also helps to develop the child’s creativity.
    • Centre of Table Games: the child learns to concentrate, to develop strategies, to play in a team, to handle objects, to make sensory experiences etc.
  • Promotes French speaking culture.
  • Centre respects and values the cultural diversity of all the families without distinction.


  • Believe the child needs to eat foods that are varied, balanced, and that consider all the nutrients that their body needs to develop well.
  • Offers a balanced menu that has been approved by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, Early Years Branch, to ensure that all food groups are respected and included in the child’s daily diet.
  • Menu is displayed at the entrance in the centre.
  • Centre promotes healthy eating with meals including a vegetable, fruit, grain, dairy product ratio consistent with Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Offer morning snack consisting of fruits, vegetables, grain products, milk, and substitutes.
  • Dinner consists of vegetables or fruits, cereal product, milk or substitutes, meat or substitutes.
  • Afternoon snack consists of fruit or vegetables, cereal products, milk or substitutes, meat or substitutes.
  • For special diets, it is important that parents/guardians inform the registration centre of all needs, allergies, and food intolerances so that this is communicated to all staff members.
  • Given their dangerous nature, a poster with photos, names and allergies, needs and intolerances are displayed in the centre kitchen, as well as in the rooms.
  • In the case of a strict diet, the parent must provide lunch and snacks.
  • Centre asks that food not be provided that contains nuts or peanuts due to allergies – centre asks that parents/guardians be vigilant and clean their child well if they have eaten peanut products – centre follows school procedure and does not serve peanuts or nuts.
  • For children who cannot eat the menu meals, the centre asks that parents/guardians bring their food and speak with the educator in place about the child’s diet.


Children between the ages of 6 weeks - 5 years.

Application Process

Call or email for more information.


Offers full-time and part-time spaces.
Full-time: Infants $815 per month, Toddlers $615 per month, Preschool $590 per month.
Part-time: $35 per day.
Child Care Subsidy accepted.

Business Line: 306-525-0361

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 6:00 pm



Coverage Area


Languages Offered


Centre Educatif Du Parc


621 Douglas Avenue East
École Du Parc
Regina SK  S4N 1H7

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Located in Douglas Place area.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Business Line: 306-525-0361


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