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Yorkton Community Fridge

Organization Description

Offers a fridge, freezer, and pantry of donated food for the community to access when they need, 24/7. Includes dry goods, canned foods, dairy and eggs with best before date, store bought bread products, non-alcoholic beverages, hygiene products, diapers/baby wipes/formula, and cleaning products.

  • A Community Fridge is a type of “free store” that is from the community, for the community. It is 100% community owned, used, and maintained.
  • Donations accepted 24/7
  • Contact if you have questions about acceptable donations.
  • The following should NOT be donated to the fridge:
    • Raw meat/seafood
    • Dented/damaged/opened packages
    • Moldy or expired Produce/Food
    • Alcohol
    • Medications
    • Toys/clothing/housewares
    • Homemade Food (prepared meals and cooked meats made in a licensed kitchen by someone with a Food Safe certificate and labeled with facility name, date and ingredients are accepted).

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